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Key Executives

J. Steven Grist

Direct line: 540.462.6720

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Greg Frederick

Senior Vice-President, Chief Lending Officer
Direct line: 540.462.6723

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Frank Friedman

Vice President and Financial Advisor 
Direct line: 540-462-6736

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Mary Buzzard

Vice President, Senior Retail Credit Officer and Mortgage Manager 
Direct line: 540.462.6722
MLO #4479VA; NMLS #190167

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Bridget McClung

Vice President, Home Mortgage Loans
Direct line: 540.462.6724
NMLS #453518 

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T. David Grist Headquarters

54 South Main Street
Lexington, VA 24450

Phone: 540.463.2222
Fax: 540.463.2093

Kayla Foresman

Assistant Branch Manager
Direct Line: 540.784.4646


Maddey Ruby

Essential Banker
Direct line: 540.784.4847

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Selena Dudley

Essential Banker
Direct line: 540.462.6731

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College Square Branch

744 North Lee Highway
Lexington, VA 24450

Phone: 540.464.8900
Fax: 540.464.8901

Dave Ferris

Branch Manager 
Direct Line: 540.319.4279

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Leslie Cooper

Essential Banker
Direct line: 540.784.4088

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Buena Vista Branch

2235 Beech Avenue
Buena Vista, VA 24416

Phone: 540.261.1604
Fax: 540.261.1601

Eric Seaman

Branch Manager
Direct line: 540.462-6733

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Kim Thorne

Essential Banker
Direct line: 540.319.4280

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Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Debit Card

To report a lost or stolen Consumer or Business Debit Card during regular business hours, call CornerStone Bank at 540.463.2222. After regular business hours, you may report a Debit Card that has been lost or stolen domestically by calling 1.800.554.8969. If the card has been lost internationally, please call 1.614.564.5101.

Credit Card

To report a lost or stolen CornerStone Consumer or Business Credit Card, please call 800.556.5678 or 800.854.7642.


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